Our Story

Little Faith Podcast was birthed during a conversation I had with friends over coffee and babies. Someone asked if we knew of a podcast for people like us.

You know, people like you.

People who have wrestled with their faith and aren’t afraid to ask really hard questions. People who are able to hold their beliefs with an open hand, aware that they don’t know the Five Points to truth, or even if creation was a literal six days. (spoiler alert: it wasn’t.)

As we talked, I kept thinking, “Why isn’t that a thing?! I want to listen to that podcast! This is a thing – this is a thing I’m going to do.” And now, we all get to do it together.

Meet Havilah

As a raised in Evangelical-land girl, I was full of faith and questions, and always reading. I was a mean sword drill opponent, and yes, I was homeschooled. We were the cool kind, ok? Yes -that did exist! (why are you laughing?!?)

Today, at 35, you’ll find me teaching my kids to fiercely stand up for the oppressed, practicing the church calendar (sometimes), not submitting to my husband, teaching about spiritual transformation, doubting everything, practicing yoga, and always, always reading.

I love bringing people together, around my table with a big bowl of soup, or around the internet, with stories and connection from afar.

Little Faith is one of the many things I do – you can find them all (well, not all. You won’t find laundry-folder or fight-breaker-uper there) at The Transformation Collaborative.

Mostly, I hope you’ll hear two things today: Don’t be afraid. You’re not alone in this.


I mean, they’re cute.

They also ask crazy hard questions.